Outsource Employee Tracker

"Tracking Your Outsourced Employees Has Never Been Easier!"

The time clock module lets you track the amount of time your employees work and lets you know when they are clocked in or out.
Create a schedule for your workers to follow and compare those times to actual time worked or choose to collect their time worked without a schedule.
Track what software your workers use when they are clocked in. You can assign a productivity value to each program. Visual Outsource will keep a produtivity score based on what's being used.
Create a schedule for your employees to follow.
Track all time worked. If using a schedule, you can compare scheduled time to worked time.
Know what programs your employees are using while working for you and how much time they use them (can be turned off).
Capture screen shots of your employees computer while they are on the clock so you know how they are spending their time (can be turned off).
Keep employees separated for individual projects or create teams when needed allowing them to work together.
Team room allows you to easily see all employees currently clocked in and out.
Easily export employee totals for Mass Pay through PayPal. Accurately pay 100 people in 5 minutes!

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